Mitigation Management, LLC (MM) was co founded in 2010 by Trey Evans and Matt Peevy to provide sales, marketing, and management services to mitigation bank owners in Georgia.  In founding MM, Trey and Matt had the distinct advantage of having developed and operated mitigation banks as co founders of Mitigation Resource Group (MRG) since 2007.  It was Trey and Matt’s goal to share their experience in operating mitigation banks with other bank owners in Georgia as a partnership and service through MM.  Since forming MM, they have grown the number of banks under management from the original 8 owned by MRG in 2010, to 24 banks owned by 10 different bankers in 2014.

Headwater Science, LLC (HS) was co founded in 2012 by Sean Miller and Matt Hughes to assist both private and public sector industry in the science of conservation.  HS has a wide range of skills and abilities including jurisdictional waters determinations, fisheries studies, stream design, threatened and endangered species surveys, geomorphic assessments, and macroinvertebrate identifications.  Prior to forming HS, both Sean and Matt worked in the environmental industry for larger consulting companies in the Atlanta area for many years.  Since forming HS, they have expanded their client relationships across Georgia, which has included providing mitigation bank permitting and monitoring services to MRG since 2013.

Based on the experience and track record of both these firms and individuals, it is with great excitement that we announce the merger of Mitigation Management and Headwater Science effective January 1st, 2015.  The new company will continue to carry the name of Mitigation Management and the company principals will continue to provide the great services and partnerships that they have in the past.

The merger will allow both Trey Evans and Matt Peevy to continue their focus on the marketing of mitigation bank credits for our clients and partners, as well as land acquisitions, fund raising, and new partnerships on behalf of MRG, rather than managing the more technical aspects of mitigation banking.  Trey and Matt will also continue working with other industry stakeholders to develop new regulatory policies and legislation that will promote high quality mitigation banking in Georgia.

The merger will allow both Sean Miller and Matt Hughes to focus primarily on the permitting, construction, and monitoring of mitigation banks owned by MRG, both through their own efforts and through subcontractor relationships that will continue to play a key role in our organization.  Sean and Matt will also continue to provide field and technical support as a subcontracted service to their existing clients on an as needed basis, and will remain active in the environmental community as members of several highly effective associations as well.

We are sure that you will share the same enthusiasm about this merger as we do and we look forward to continuing to work together for many years to come.