On May 16, 2018 Trey Evans and Matt Hughes from Mitigation Management were given the opportunity to address the entire EPA National Wetland Program body during their annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The presentation was primarily a review of our Etowah River Road Mitigation Bank, which is the most recently approved commercial mitigation bank in the State of Georgia. Project specific topics covered included level of capital investment, land acquisition and permitting timelines, construction and habitat creation techniques, hydrology modeling, and new monitoring and credit release protocols. We also discussed mitigation banking within the context of the overall “Restoration Economy”, the use of newly available technology (primarily LiDAR and Drones), and innovative methods for siting new mitigation and conservation projects.

We were very honored and grateful to have the opportunity and enjoyed speaking with these very talented natural resource managers!

A few snapshots of our presentation are shown below:

Restoration Plan

Pre/Post restoration LiDAR comparison maps

 Biology improvements, including nearly a 400% increase in the number of Federally listed Cherokee Darter (Etheostoma scotti) in Proctor Creek.

3D Modeling using LiDAR & Drones

Site selection modeling and criteria